About Atmos

Jean-LeonRegarded as a reference among clocks, the Atmos has been literally living on air since l928. lnvented by Neuchatel-born engineer Jean-Léon Reuttet, then developed and relentlessly fine-tuned in the workshop of the Manufacture, the Atmos clock measures the flow of time with a faithful continuity unaltered by the passing of years.

lts prodigiously creative perpetual winding principle is based on an hermetically sealed capsule filled with a mixture of gases, which expands when the temperature rises and contracts as it falls.

lnterdependent with the mainspring of the clock, the capsule constantly winds the clock movement.

A mere one-degree temperature fluctuation is enough to provide the watch with a two-day power-reserve.

The secret of the Atmos clock is undoubtedly lies in its movement requiring an incredibly small amount of energy to operate.

lts balance moves at a majestically slow pace, vibrating only twice a minute.

lt hangs from a thin yet exceptionally stable and resistant steel alloy wire that is finer than a hair and keeps any losses due to friction to an absolute minimum.

The gearing is so perfect that it requires no lubrication and oil itself would simply clog the mechanism.


The proprietors Father and Son, John and Mark Coxhead have a combined passion for collecting clocks and have turned their dream into a very successful business dealing in quality restored clocks. This family business established 18 years ago is located from a pretty 19th century shop in the Kings Road, Chelsea, London. This prestigious area is world renowned for fine quality antique shops and fine art galleries.

Mark and John have been selling and restoring clocks for the last 18 years and because they have a large amount of stock always for sale in their showroom they see a big cross reference of antique clocks having restored their own showroom clocks as well as customers clocks. They restore the clocks for the British Home Office and for the Royal Lifeguards, Hyde Park. We are also proud to have sold clocks to members of the British Royal Family.

All their clocks are restored by themselves and come with a full years guarantee in the UK. They also stock a wide selection of carriage and wall clocks ranging from unusual English station wall clocks to fine Regency period drop dial clocks.  Also they carry a variety of interesting French period carriage clocks ranging from simple timepieces to repeaters. All their carriage clocks have the original platform escapements and not replacement modern ones.