Atmos Elysee - The Atmos in its moon-phase version

While technology and progress never stop trying to make time move faster, the Atmos lives accurately and silent on temperature change – no batteries, no power supple, no winding.

Its balance wheel oscillates slowly, its “lung” breathing in complete harmony with temperature variations. Its heart keeps a steady two beats per minute (60 times less than a conventional clock, 240 times less than a wristwatch movement, 1,966,000 times less than a quartz watch). Living in tune with the rotation of the earth, the moon and the universe, this clock is better suited than any other to display the march of the lunar months across the heavens – almost indefinitely. A conventional quartz watch with moon-phase display is accurate 2-3 years, and the most sophisticated mechanical watches show a difference of one day every 122 years: Atmos, however, is designed to display the phases of the moon with exceptional accuracy for nearly 4,000 years. Against a starry night sky, the Atmos moon, covered in 24-carat gold, displays the actual phases of the lunar month – known as the synodical revolution, meaning the time that elapses between two full moons – with unparalleled accuracy. If the moon, as viewed from earth, is too occupy the same position in relation to the sun, it must cover an additional distance on its orbit. This means that the lunar month lasts slightly longer than the sidereal revolution, i.e. an average of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds (29.530588 days). The mechanism of your Atmos is so precise that it completes the revolution in 29.530568 days, involving a minimal difference per lunar month which will amount to only one day in 3,821 years. So, keep the small implement supplied with your Atmos in a very safe place, because in the year 5820 AD your 130th descendant will need it to return the moon to its correct phase! And if such a long-term perspective blows your mind, just enjoy what the Atmos shows you to the present time.


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